Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some Him

I Love Me Some Him by Toni Braxton is another secular song that has spiritual connotation.  The lyrics "I love me some him, I'll never love this way again.  I love me some you, another man will never do"  It's straight forward from a spiritual and religious standpoint in becoming a christian.  I love you enough to be baptized in your name, I love you enough to know that you won't hurt me, nor will never leave or forsake me.  I know that I know with you I'll have eternal life. The love of Jesus is like no other and I want have that type of  love with another , it just not humanly possible.  That bond, oh what a fellowship, oh what a joy divine.   There is no rejection and it has nothing against man, it is what it is, a man humanly cannot do what Jesus does.

"You came along and changed my life, told me things would be alright and they were thanks to you.  Now I have strength to carry on,  for in my heart you have a home."  He changed my life, His word said I would have trials and tribulations in the world so I don't walk around on a cloud thinking I won't have problems; I've had them, I've got them BUT I can face them with confidence that He will give me peace in the midst of the storm.  I believe that "He Can Work It Out."

There are days when it's phew..I want to give up but I just sing "you came along and changed my life told me things would be alright" and I recant all the things he has brought me through "and they were thanks to you."  Just singing "I have the strength to carry on, for in my heart you a home," may have to sing it through more than once but it clinches in my heart, your there, you are with me. He is always with me.

 I believe that things will be alright  because I love me some Him...

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