Sunday, July 24, 2011

11:00 Lights Out

11:00 Lights out, that's my house.  My sister sleeps on the family room floor.  At eleven all the lights are turned off and we are now summoned to go to our rooms.  She has a bedroom with a queen size bed.   The room also has nightstands, two sitting chairs, a desk with chair, a cabinet with each shelf positioned just so with smell goods.  Her shoes are lined up as if they were little soldiers.  Each garment if not hung is folded just right in little see through tubs.

It seems as if no one else sees this as a problem.  It's now nine am and the she is still sleep.  The television can't be turned on in order not to disturb her.  My music which I normally play is not heard, why, because she is still sleep, snoring like a bear.

I find it an evasion.  Evasion on solitude as well as disturbing.  The disturbance comes to my mind that there is definitely something wrong.  To make a conscious choice to sleep on a floor whether than a bed.

She says that the bed hurts her back, not so, that I protest to.  It's as if she wants to keep her room just so, a shrine.  It is to say how perfect and clean she is, yet she sleeps where seven peoples feet have walked.  It is my feeling that if I put my complaint into the atmosphere there will be change.

The children when having sleepovers will soon be able to enjoy our communal space.  If one is not sleepy they can stay up and watch television to their hearts content.    To be beckoned that it's every one's bedtime, who are definitely of the age to stay up all night if they so chose, seems to me it's time for a family meeting.

I'll close now the offensiveness of her behavior and snoring is unbearable.  Oh did I tell you even during the day it's difficult to be in the family room with her?  It is, she is in control of the remote, the master of its domain.  The volume always going above level 22, changing channels at every commercial break, watching shows always about killings and paranormal, should I be worried?

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