Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Am History

I've made a conscious decision that as I search for the dead, what can I do to make my own name live on.  Let me make a clarification...I study, live, and breathe genealogy.  My search for the dead sounds creepy, but it's not.  It's an all inclusive embracement of comfort, at least for me.  Finding a piece of a puzzle that pertains to me, it is me.  I am history.

The past fascinates me.  An old neighborhood, the names of the streets and who used to live there.  Changes made to High Street; yet I can see it exactly as it was at one time....from Spruce to Fifth.

Yes, I have children who very well will have their own children, but what else?  What continues a name other than children?  Our contribution to society, the betterment of man and community?

Is this all that I have to represent that I have lived?  No, it will be the world wide web and the questions I have posed out there.

This is one way that it will be known that I was inquisitive and a pursuer of given definition to someone's life.  My genealogy pursuit leases out my own life and gives significant life to another.  Walking before me, paving a way, governing my freedom.  The dead fascinate me, as well as the past, departing from it to the future, the growth, their strength.  Given them now what they deserve, to be known.

This alone represents me historically.  This makes me history.

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