Saturday, July 16, 2011

Remember ME

When you feel the wind it’s me kissing you
And when you feel the sun it’s my spotlight on you
And when you are in the darkness my arms surround you
You use to call my name
Remember me

I sent my son so the tears that fall should be you rejoicing
Did you know I’ve collected them all
I’m here to help you
There’s no reason to hide my love is there to lift you
Remember me

I’ve sent music to encourage you
My words to nourish you
Remember me

I have given you everything you need
When you felt alone I watched you
You had forgotten me
As you lay in bed
Sat in that chair
The things you said in your head
I heard them
I’ve listened to you scream
I saw the same things
You were so angry with me

Believing the lies that were told to you
You didn’t even want to think of me
When you hurt yourself
One more line, one more time,
One more cut, one more empty bed
Another drink, another lie
You had so much hatred
I saw everything
You didn’t want to remember me

So quickly the ones I love forget me

So my beloved
When you open your eyes
Remember me

With each breath you take
Remember I am in you

I said I would never leave you nor forsake you
Stop forgetting about me

When you feel the wind it’s me kissing you
With the sun I’m giving you strength
You can make it through
In the rain I’m cleansing you
And in the darkness when you feel alone
My arms are there comforting you
Remember me

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