Saturday, July 16, 2011

He Loves Me The Way I Am

There is music that is secular yet it holds great meaning to me on a spiritual level.  The words may not have the connotation throughout the song, but a phrase can catch me.  A mere line capturing me, allowing me to to believe that's how I feel about Jesus or how He feels about me. " I know you love me the way I am" is one of those lines.

I'll Be Sweeter has a line that says "I always like to be on my P's and Q's, I don't want to miss nothing nice I can do for you,  I know you love me the way I am  but something inside of me says do more, do more if you can." To know that He loves me the way I am, that he sees in me what I can't see in myself.  To know that I can come to Him just the way I am and he can love me is amazing.  He, the author and finisher, already has seen my bottoms, my worst, my meanness, my wickedness, and nasty ways and said "I love you the way you are."  I didn't have to change or clean my act up first.  I didn't have to pretend or manipulate.  I didn't have to hide my fears or shame.  I didn't have to ...that's the point,  I didn't have to do anything and the outcome; He loves me the way I am..

"I"ve got news for you, good news  for you,  I'm going to be much sweeter to you than I was yesterday." That's what I tell Him.   It is my desire just as it was His desire to save me.  My love for Him unencumbers such an overwhelming joy that I wish to spread His word, His love, by my own words, by my own actions and my reaction.  It is from His love that I can be more than I was yesterday.

"You call me your sugar and spice girl, your everything nice girl."  Because he calls me girl.  Everyone has their own relationship and interpretation of what and how he speaks, and that's what I hear.  He says it sweetly and gently.  And when He is convicting me, He says it sternly, correcting me as a Father does.  It's like "girl, you know I love you. and I smile."

".I'm just trying to give you half as much as you've given me."  I don't owe Him anything, that's the beauty of His love,  but it's my choice, valuing the love I have for Him, to want to do more in His name. 

"I know I'm doing my job, but I'm going to give a little more love out of this heart,"  I've been appointed as an Ambassador for Christ.  I have a position, see the love?  Me, being who I was, who I am and He has seen fit to give me a position for Him.  He said I was part of a Royal Priesthood, that's quite an honor and He has commanded me to love.  Now that sometimes is a hard job, some people make it difficult to love.

Another line says " I'll get down on my knee's to do all I can."  Only in a spiritual nature, I do this.  Kneeling  I come to Him asking, not begging, for He said "I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread." But I kneel to say thank you, I love you, forgive me, help me, console me, strengthen me, embrace me.  I kneel for strength, encouragement, in sadness and despair.  I kneel simply to kneel because the mere action of doing so puts me in His presence..  

So when I hear I'll Be Sweeter I know it was sung for the love of a man, and that's what I hear, He was a man.

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