Saturday, August 13, 2011

ATT and Phillips

I hate the newest ATT Commercial.  The one which the husband sticks his head out the door and tells his wife that he has saved them money.  She looks at him with disdain and then proceeds to tell him she should have married another man.  It's such a demeaning response.  It's apparent that this man has had to feel rejection throughout this marriage from this bitchy woman.  Am I reading too much in it, maybe, but am I suppose to believe that a focus group found this acceptable?

My other complaint is my Phillips Go Gear Vibe MP3 player.  I hate it.  When I have to charge it it takes forever to update.  This is with a charge?  To download new music the process is easy BUT the updating process is forever.  Update...freeze...reset...update....freeze...reset. Ridiculous.  I spoke by chat with a Phillips Customer Service Rep last night.  Just wanted to noted that this Go Gear Vibe, priced at $60.00 is not worth it.  Answer...sorry we cannot find that you registered your product.  My recommendation to consumers, don't buy it.  The frustration level is not worth it.

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