Monday, September 26, 2016

The Bend at Broad/Cortland Partners

I would love to have an explanation of the recent influx of Refugees at THE BEND AT BROAD, Blacklick, OH, it is of course a pivotal financial gain in some form.  Theoretically, it would have to be due to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and  Cortland Partners.  Then to pose my next question, why should regular rent paying occupants have a such an exorbitant increase in rent?  This began in 2016.  Are the current full rent residents filling in for a gap of any funds that may be lost?  Cortland Partner cannot take this apartment community and equate it to the other Cortland Partner communities in Columbus based on design or standard.  The community and aesthetic value has decreased with the refugee settlement and for a two bedroom apartment to go from 636.00 to 748.00 which does not include water or trash disposal would then indeed make the current full paying tenants absorb cost for the refugee settlers and the Bipartisan Policy Center Housing Commission was not designed for current tenants to absorb this cost.  Stephen DeFrancis, Cortland employer, and member of the Low Income Housing Tenant Commission (affordable housing program) should be a shame that he has made current tenants be the bearer of the Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) which Cortland Partners wants to shine as a front runner in the LIHTC.  You do this by not addressing the financial turnover to current tenants.  Also Cortland Partner recently purchased  apartments out of Receivership in 2014 and one has to think that the purchase of those properties and the rent increase and implementing the charge for water, sewer and trash has again, implemented the cost of this purchase by the increase of rent to the tenants.  Increase is based on changes made in the property such as new appliances, marble counter tops, updated kitchen and bathroom cabinets and baths that don't creak. Tenants should have a heads up of the future of the apartment community.   Putting down synthetic wood on the dining, kitchen, and bath floor would in no way make one pay the additional 162.00 per month that you now want one to pay.  Perhaps this is long but the addressing of these questions to current management has never warranted an answer other than you pay or leave.  Resettlement of individuals and forcing current tenants is not a cultural influxation, but a financial gain for Cortland Partners.  If this sounds negative, it is so.  I pay the full value of rent while the refugee settlers stay home and have an agency pay for their rent.  Late fees were changed from 50.00 to 100.00 and date due from the 5th to the 3rd.  Now you are asking me to work additional hours to pay for an increase.  Cortland Partner should be under scrutiny for the the current tax breaks and rent increases.  If you want to diversify the community then it should not be on the backs of current tenants to fund it.  By the way, if there had not been an increase in the rent these issues or thoughts would not have been expressed.

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