Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tribute to Linda Jones

Spent the morning sitting on the front porch listening to my MP player thought of music that had a major effect on my life - emotionally.  Music when your young and in love. This of course would be many, but the ones that had an influence, played over and over....and it would be Linda Jones.

Linda Jones, soul singer and I mean soul.  Words to her songs were words you could feel, but not speak.

Linda was born December 14, 1944 in Newark, New Jersey.  Signed with Warner Brothers subsidiary Lorna Records in 1967 she released one of her best singles "Hypnotized."  In the top ten songs on Cheri's list, in Cheri's life this would be in top three.  Why....take the time and listen to it.  Hormones racing, cute boy, looking at him and oohing.  And strangely if given the chance you would be that song...."I'll do whatever you say, command me and I'll obey..." 

"What Have I Done (To Make You Mad)" released in 1967 when Linda says "she's been true," and "I gotta know, wanna know, just have to know now, baby."  You don't have to be a woman to question this, it happens in any relationship.  She's stunned, he's stunned and you don't have the answer. "What and the hell did I do?"

"I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow" Why....simply because "I know you love me, the way I am."  If you can find someone who loves you the way you are....why wouldn't you want to do more, be sweeter than you were yesterday.  Released in 1970, this was my ultimate goal.....find someone to love me the way I am....dysfunctions and all.

Another song of hers that resonates within in me is "That's When I'll Stop Loving You" released in 1970.  Linda gives us many equations of when "I'll stop loving you." Birds no longer fly, raindrops no longer fall from the sky, one and one are no longer two, the rays of the sun  no longer give us heat.  Lastly, "when this old heart, refuses to beat."  Now that's love.  Whew!

"Not On The Outside" released in 1972.  Why....because "you think my heart is made of stone, when your near me there's no reaction, your wrong."  It's Linda speaking, talking about the feelings in the prelude of the song.  "When you smile at me and I don't speak, it's not that I don't care, Lord I'm so weak."  It's my life now.  I never stopped loving him.

Her last song released in 1972 was "Your Precious Love."  It's a song we have heard many renditions, but Linda sings with passion, strength especially when she says "darling, don't you know, that I love you too much,.  Now that's too me....Can't happen, won't happen.!  This does not make me dysfunctional...that I just am.

Sadly, Linda died March 14, 1972 due to a diabetic coma, sadly at age 28. 

Don't take my word for it...Listen to her, and believe me you will remember the time when you were once "Hypnotized."  Who he was or she was, only you'll know, but you will smile in remembrance.

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