Sunday, May 15, 2011

Peace Be Still

My blog is Things I Know, Seen, Tell.  Then I'll tell about my day, this day, this moment in my life.  A morning when you wake and nothing is wrong but you feel lost, somewhat lonely and life wants you to believe its unforgiving. 

There's a soft breeze, that seems to precede a calm that is in the air yet my senses seem to reflect otherwise.  Listening to the outdoors I can hear the birds which seems like I am somewhere else, not here.  Their cooing and peeks seem a lot louder than usual. The trees are swaying and it's hard to believe we were in the mid-80's yesterday, yet today's coolness is inviting, welcoming the mood that I am in. 

A need to regain my inner peace seems to be persistent.  That's when I look to sky, and the clouds are white cotton ribbons, moving in a rhythm with streaks of soft, sky blue.  The flow is so effortless that I have to believe that God is breathing a soft breathe upon us all, and upon me....peace be still.

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