Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today for Vee.1

I thought of you today.  Just as I did yesterday and every day before that.  That's what brothers and sisters do, think of each other.

It was 54 degrees this morning and I wondered if you had to go out.  If you did, hoped you wouldn't have on slippers.  Seems like anything under 70 degrees makes you sniff.  Then it hit me, like it always does - your gone.  God I miss you.  I ask the same question, when does the pain stop, when does this pain stop

Today, as it did yesterday and every day before that, I hear your voice saying "Tee, I'm ok."  I wish it was enough and yet it's all I've got.  Someone said it's more than they ever had, hearing your voice. 

I haven't figured out yet is this good or is it bad.  For when I hear you, I see you.  I see your eyes and miss you more.  I see you as I found you, dead, and wonder how do I live with this.  And I hear your voice say "Tee, I'm ok."  I know you are, but today it's not enough.

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